"Hole 18"

I am deeply honored to have been one of the officially licensed artist for the 2024 PGA championship at Valhalla Golf Course. The event was truly spectacular, and I am grateful for the opportunity to capture its essence through my art. During the championship, I gathered numerous photographs for future studies. My heartfelt thanks for Legends, Valhalla Golf Course and the PGA for this incredible opportunity to create a piece that celebrates the beauty of the sport.

London Show ,2024

A Hero's Journey: a contemporary study of jockeys.

This body of work follows a jockey through the grueling journey they encounter multiple times each day of racing, from the "Call to Adventure" to the "Resolution."

These paintings will be on display at Gallery Eight in London. Supported with work by artist Quibe.

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"I Always Loved You"

Digital drawing


30X60" painting on canvas. Done live at PGA event.

" 3 "

48x60" paint on canvas.

An artist with a decade of experience helping businesses and individuals through painting and graphic design